Galliano Gorgeousness

As usual, the fabulously flamboyant John Galliano's Spring/Summer 2011 collection was whimsical, colorful and theatrical. Not only were the models styled with vintage-inspired hair and makeup, but Galliano wrapped many of them in sheer fabrics:

Hi Coco!

I like the color palette of these.

The garment on the left is a little see-through, but I'll allow it...

It's all about layering and sheer fabrics.

A parasol so sweet.

Bravo, Johnny boy! I saw a video clip of an interview Galliano had with Vogue, and he was already a little tipsy after the show because he was so pleased with it. If you go to Galliano's website, video of the runway show plays on the homepage. You'll see, the venue was magnificent as was the music - which sounded like the violin version of 'If I Lay Here' by Snow Patrol, no?


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