Halloween Costume #1 - Elvis, baby

Finally, I got a second away from work to Jelly Blog! I can't tell you how happy I am that my hell week is finally over, and the costuming and partying can insue. It's like Christmas. But Halloween.

For work today, I decided to dress as (drumroll)... Elvis ! I have never cross-dressed before, but given that this costume is really the female version, I'd say I dolled it up pretty well:

That's right... mama wore a glitter jumpsuit to work. And my gold disco heels and gold hoops, and further accessorized with gold glitter microphone and some sweet 70s shades. I pumped up my pompadour and smeared gold glitter makeup all over my eyes. Winner. Don't step on my blue suede shoes...

Let me tell you that I now know how Adam Lambert feels - if I sat down somewhere today, I left my mark in glitter. Everywhere I walked... trail of glitter. I feel like a pixie. My favorite part of the Elvis costume was the cape. I feel so campy. But my least favorite part was going to the bathroom. It is not easy to pee whilst wearing a onesie jumpsuit - word to the wise. I did NOT think that part through.

Onto the Fire Alarm Incident of October 29th 2010...
I was putting the final touches on my Elvis costume this morning in my apartment. I wasn't ready to head out the door, but I had just zipped up the jumpsuit, when BAM. The building fire alarm starts freaking out. The leasing office told us that, when that happens, you're supposed to grab your family and loves ones, leave your apartment, and exit the building immediately.

Well I was a'wearin that glitter jumpsuit (the more that I think about it, the more I realize I really look like a Lady Liberace.) Well I grabbed the first cover-up I saw, which was my white bathrobe. Then I exited the building. I was in full costume hair and makeup, jumpsuit, and a bathrobe that barely conceals the glittery abomination. My neighbors were staring at me like I was crazy. Finally one girl had the nerve to come ask me, "So whatcha' got on under there?" I loudly replied, "My Elvis costume for work" so that the other tenants would hear and not assume I was the weirdo Queen who lives upstairs. (Every building has one of those, you know.)

If that wasn't enough, the firefighters - who had to inspect the non-burning building for 30 minutes to make sure it was okay for us to go back inside - gave me not-so-subtle looks up and down. The last one out the door said, "I'm sure whatever look you're going for will be great once you go back inside and finish getting ready." Thanks firefighter man. If not for the imaginary fire, I'd be knocking your socks off right now with my outfit from the late King's closet.

Want more costumes? My coworkers have some fantastic imaginations. Here are the costumes they wore to work today:
Christian as the Mad Hatter

Lucas as the Terry character from the TV show Reno 911 (if you know this character, you'll understand why this costume is funny!)

My friend Taylor and her Geisha costume. We had fun doing her makeup. She used orchids to finish the look. Byoo-ti-ful!

Jessica in her Fortune Teller Gypsy costume. She had great makeup and wore white-out contact lenses.

I love Halloween. Next stop... Little Red Riding Hood.


  1. Man, I miss Costume Store. You're costume rocks, Lizz. Ditto for everyone else. :o)

  2. mama Hill10/31/2010

    This will work on most any street in Tokyo so bring her along!


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