I Wanna Go to Italy

I was so inspired by this editorial in the October issue of Flair magazine. Perhaps my captivation with this story has much to do with my betrothed being in Asia and all I can think about is traveling.
The backdrop is the quiet and beautifully lost-in-time streets of Sicily, Italy. The model is Anouk Lepere styled by Vittoria Cerciello, and the photographer is Jean-François Campos. Feast your eyes:

(my favorite shot)

Look at this street - don't you wish you were walking down this street?

[ sigh ]  Come desidero che potrei essere lì....

Now that you're surely in a good mood after seeing these images, have a de-lovely weekend, my Jellies! Being from Austin, I will be celebrating as we Austinites do for Texas/OU weekend. That probably means diddly-squat to anyone other than my fellow Austinites or Oklahoma fans, but a reason to party is a reason to party.  Am I right? Am I right?!
Cheers ~

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  1. You do have a honeymoon to plan...perhaps Italy??


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