Lo Siento, Mis Amores

Before you get your Victoria's Secret cotton boyshorts in a twist (I dont know what kind of underoos you wear, I'm just guessing) about me not blogging since Friday or probably much this week, allow me to explain. This week is my 'hell week' of sorts. Think Coast Guard Boot Camp minus the physical activities but factor in the really long hours, sleep deprivation, mental strain and people yelling at you. That's my week.

This is what I look at work:

But less man-like.
And then I finish doing that at work, and come home to immediately do this:

Just like this kid, I barely make it into the bed sometimes. Insomuch, blogging has to take a backseat this week. I'm pulling the station wagon over, kids. Jelly Blog shall resume this weekend for Halloween (thank gawd).

Future topics: my 3948593 Halloween costumes, clothes I'm giving away, and why I love wine fashion.

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