Are you feelin' the autumn love? I feel it... and it is goooood. Lizzo made a little jaunt to Target this weekend to buy 1 thing: Q-tips. Did I leave Target with only Q-tips? No.

Aside from Q-tips (which, lets face it, were really just an excuse to go to Target), I got 3 pairs of over-the-knee knit socks and a few little ditties to make my apartment feel all cozy and autumny. Texas, make it cold so I can wear my new socks please.

I also painted pumpkins. Why don't I carve them? you ask. They last longer if you don't scoop out their guts. That, and the smell of rotting pumpkin makes me dry-heave. Here's my little tip for pumpkin painting:  spraypaint them white first. You'll have a great blank canvas if you're using several different colors of acrylic paint.

I also did a few Halloween crafts with these dudes:

I thought my little nephews should try their hand at the pumpkin painting too. I think how someone paints a pumpkin tells you a lot about them. That, and how someone dresses a burger, orders a drink, or gives a hug.

During craft time, our conversation turned to juice (as it often can when you're hanging with a 2 and 3 year old).  The oldest said, "My favorite juice is orange juice." The younger one said, "I like apple juice!" Then I asked, "Do you know what my favorite juice is?"  And without hesitation, the oldest said...



  1. What beautiful children.
    Blonde and cute.

  2. They are little cuties, huh. And so witty already! I love my nephews.

  3. I am loving the over-the-knee sock trend right now! Maybe with a wool skirt? I was even going to Twitter about it...because really, is 33 too old to be wearing them? I can't decide. I want to look cute, but I dont want to look like one of those 50 year old ladies wearing converse shoes and spongebob t-shirts, ya know? :P


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