Rock the Tie, Ladies

During fall and winter, I like to wear my fiance's ties as an accessory. Today seemed like a great day to rock a tie. I wore Casey's orange and black striped silk tie with a white collared button-up, black slacks and black stilettos...

One coworker calls me 'Prep School' whenever I wear ties, but I love 'em. Perhaps they're a bit androgynous, but depending on the kind of tie and what you pair them with, they can really enhance a look. Ties can be sharp, funky or even playful. I like wearing them as belts too (shout-out to Pamela).

I probably do not need to argue my point of why ties are awesome, but just let me say my piece. All of these leading ladies wore a tie at one point or another (some more often than others). You'll remember...

 Diane Keaton in Annie Hall cerca 1977. Keaton would go on to wear more suit-and-tie combos than dresses, I believe...

Gwen Stefani. Who says you can't wear a tie with your bathing suit? Nobody. It's still technically a 'suit'.

 J.Aniston's famous GQ cover wearing only a tie. See - she's so happy.

Avril Lavigne. Although I thought she over-wore the tie a bit...

Gaga in her 'costume' complete with USA flag tie at the gay pride rally. Add awkwardly-huge glasses, and you're ready for Capitol Hill. (At least she didn't wear a button-up and no pants again.)

Brooklyn Decker for Ralph Lauren in his ladies' 3-piece suit. I love her.

Annie Lennox cerca the Eurythmics. Here she's thinking, "This tie so matches my eyes".

Britney Spears in her 'Me Against the Music' music video with Madonna. Unless you're a stripper though, I wouldn't suggest vinyl as my fabric of choice for a tie.

So I think I've made my point. Ties are awesome. Ties can and should be worn by women. Go on ladies, rock the tie. If I'm not mistaken, I believe you'll be hearing a lot of this compliment: "I must say, I love your tie."  Wink!


  1. Anonymous12/04/2010

    I am a man, and I love women to wear ties.
    my fiancé always wears tie for me cos she knows that it makes me to make love with her :D

    by the way I know all of the above mentioned ideas, specially Annie Hall, I agree that a woman can be very hot both in suit + tie and nude + tie .

    I have many lady friends on net which the love to wear ties like, some times full-suit and some times like you did.

    I wana ask you something, what is your fiancé's idea about your tie wearing ?

  2. Anonymous3/25/2011

    that's ridiculous.......


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