What I'm Wearing Today

It seemed like the right day to break out my favorite pair of ombre stockings. I don't even remember where I got them, probably Target or something. My friend Taylor calls them my banana stockings because they're greenish at the feet and slowly 'ripen' or turn yellow on the way up.
  • Banana stockings 
  • Black pumps by Gianni Bini 
  • Black cotton work dress by ?  
  • Gold and jade necklace
  • Green/gold/black pashmina from the streets of NYC. Bought it on 5th Ave in early 2008 from a vendor. It smelled of curry and spices for the first few weeks I owned it.
  • Yellow crocheted headpiece from the mom-in-law
These hat-beanie-headpiece things are the tits. I highly suggest getting one!


  1. oooh i LOVE the banana stockings! what a fun name for them, too! :)) also loving the headpiece, it has a retro vibe to it, chic!

    kisses! http://www.sweetfancytreat.com

    P.S. I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY, come enter if you like, it is pretty fabulous! :)

  2. Anonymous10/06/2010

    someone find that hippy and get me one of those head things- Once again I do not wish to be anonymous but my name is not "Hair"

  3. Look how cute you look....I love all my bloggers....keeps me so entertained


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