Holy Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

If anything, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show made me want to wear a giant pair of wings and go to the gym every day this week...

If you've ever watched the VS Fashion Show, you know what a party it is...

See?... Party.

Every year I get really psyched up for it. I know I'm going to see models that I love all wearing amazing lingerie and costumes and the coolest wings you could ever imagine. Plus, it actually looks like the models are having a good time. Musical guests, themed runway segments, hot bods, behind the scenes stuff... what's not to love?

It was difficult for me to choose just a few photos to share because pretty much all of the looks were fantastic and memorable. Here's a few of my favorites...

Alessandra Ambrosio rocked these wings. And she just had a baby! Bananas...

Is that my Halloween costume?

Wings of wheat. Literally.


One of the looks in the sports segment. Yes, those are male gymnasts in the back.

I'm sorry Chanel Iman but that looks really uncomfortable...

Tattoo-inspired wings!

My girl Rosie in these kickass metal spikey wings. She was the hottest on the catwalk. xo

If Rainbow Brite grew up and became a VS model....

Adriana Lima and her cute sparkly skull epaulettes.

My fave wings of the evening - ginormous peacock wings worn by Karolina Kurkova. So lovely.

Alright everyone,.let's hit the gym. Next year, we're all walking on that glittery catwalk. I'm going to put in my request now for giant wings made entirely of recycled or found objects. It'll be fun... like a whole 'green' theme...

All photos from CBS.com



First off, I have to admit that I am currently watching Home Alone. Kickass holiday movie and a childhood 90s favorite. I highly suggest.

"Guys, I'm eating junk and watching rubbish. You better come out and stop me..."

So I recently learned about an experimental hotel in Little India, Singapore called Wanderlust. (BTW, the more I hear about the fashion and culture in Singapore, the more I want to visit. I'm penciling it on my list for after Japan, Italy and Greece.)

This description of the Wanderlust Hotel is from Trendland: " [Wanderlust is] set to draw madcap voyagers and curious travelers to its doorstep. The building was originally an old school built in the 1920s. With their four thematic levels of 29 rooms designed by award winning Singapore design agencies, each group was given full creative freedom. "

There seems to be quite a unique aura about the hotel. Check out some of the pics:

The Lobby level – Industrial Glam by Asylum

Level 4 – Creature Comforts by fFurious
"Get cosy with friendly monsters in each room that presents a different vibe and be assured of a fantasy-filled experience."

Level 2 – Eccentricity by :phunk Studio

"Colors everything from the walls to the neon lights and the rainbow corridor leads to a outdoor deck with a customized mosaic-tiled jacuzzi."

Level 3 – Is it just Black and White by DP Architects
"Walk across the black corridor and enter into the contrasting white rooms to discover Origami and Pop-Art works." This room is pretty neato. It sort of reminds me of The Boy with the Purple Crayon.

Level 4

I was curious to see what a night in the Wanderlust Hotel costs. I faked a reservation using Casey Fiance's and my tentative honeymoon dates. It seems that, depending on the Level you stay in, a night can run you anywhere from about $200 to about $400. I guess it ain't too shabby seeing how you get a giant typewriter or a rocket ship in your room.


Thanks & Giving

I hope all of my Jellies had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. I went home to Austin to bask in family time, and to be reminded at yet another family gathering that I am not talented in the kitchen. My sister - the Art Institute culinary arts graduate - was frollicking about my parents' kitchen just breading, basting and mixing away. Meanwhile, I stuck to what I do best: making alcoholic beverages and drinking them. I also made cornbread and chopped things when told.

Sigh... luckily Fiance Casey knows this about me. I'm no June Cleaver. But I do occasionally wear pearls and I will gladly mix you a mean martini when you get home from work!

Some photos from the weekend...

My man Kaiser the Great in his favorite arm chair.  

How to hug your dragon...

 Gidget the boxer eyeing the turkey in the oven. She watched it for hours.

 Dad carving the turkey with dogs praying for him to drop a piece. Kaiser still doesn't realize that he's so big, all he has to do is put his head on the counter to steal food.

Feast! Yumm. Notice the important things are next to my plate - the canned cranberry and the wine.

My little brother, the carnivore.

So what is Lizz thankful for? Well, how much time do you have?...

- My family - in part for forcing me to maintain humility - and for supporting me in everything
- My Casey. Thank you for keeping me sane and driving me crazy (in a good way!)
- My amazing friends. Without you guys, where would I be? I shudder to think.
- The beyond wonderful new family I will soon be marrying into.
- My pending Japanese adventure. Countdown: 34 days!
- My health. Thank you One-A-Day vitamins.
- Wine. And beer.
- My job. Because a lot of people don't have them. I try to remember that when I want to complain about my job.
And finally, I am thankful for my Jelly Blog followers and my fashion blogging community!


Looks at the American Music Awards : The Good, the Better

The red carpet showings of some televised awards events have the potential to be fairly blah, at least for someone who likes more dramatic fashion. But this year's American Music Awards (aired Sunday 11/21) proved watch-worthy. Some celebs went a little cray-cray, and I ate it up. Notable dress themes this year were lace and sheer fabrics, as well as structured and embellished cocktail dresses. Shall we? ...

Heidi Klum - love the lace (maybe don't love the hair).
I think a red or red-orange clutch would have been nice, but Heidi knows best.

Jada Pinkett Smith - she always looks like she is going to partake in a sexy battle of some kind.
She really likes the 'warrior woman' look.

Avril Lavigne - she wore these fun heels with her outfit (the dress itself was less fortunate).
Check out her toenails though. Multi-colored leopard!

Johnny Weir - like a caucasian Miss J. Alexander.
Johnny, are you wearing a dress? Work it, doll.

Karina Smirnoff - you got me when you pair gold and black.
The dress says 'Grown Up JWOW' to me a bit, but it's still fun and elegant.

Kesha (or as The Soup's Joel McHale calls her, Ke-dollarsign-ha)
It appears as though Kesha made her dress in the limo before arrival, electric-taping reels of recording tape to a black dress. I do love a good mohawk, though.

I never thought of glueing brass studs to my eyebrows... but I tip my hat to you for creativity.

Miley Cyrus - I can feel your eyes rolling from here. But I do give her an A for effort. The dress on its own is quite elegant (albeit too short for comfort).

See, look how pretty the back is. Almost like a modern day kimono.

Nikki Minaj - I know what you're thinking... 'Huh?' I usually don't like the fashion choices Nikki makes, but I thought this dress was just over-the-top enough to be interesting. She's making a little style nod to Lady Gaga with her two-tone wig and skeletal embellishments.

And I think I have just the shoes to go with her dress.
I believe it's the same designer! (Pollini Manisharora) ...

Phoebe Price - (actress slash model?) She couldn't decide which dress to wear, so she wore all 3 and topped off the look with a tarred-and-feathered Gaga bow.

Rihanna - I actually really like this dress. It's va-voom but elegant.
Floor length but we get peeks of skin. Great color on her skintone.

Taylor Swift - thank you for wearing something fun!
The new straight banged hairstyle called for a sexy-sweet dress to go with it.

Willow Smith - Aww! Look at her trying to go all Avant Garde.
Other than the Santa Claus boots, I think she's a cute lil' trendsetter.

All images appropriated from WireImage.


I told you I'd do it, and I did it... I actually buckled down and painted this weekend. [ insert congratulatory athletic butt slap ]

I am painting the following piece as a commission by my friend Stacy. She wanted an abstract painted in the colors she used to decorate her bedroom (grey, deep purple, persimmon and lime green) So, this baby was born:

Started with a 24 x 48 inch canvas. Using oil paints for this one. I have been doing backpaintings lately using my paint-and-turpentine layer dripping technique. I think it makes them more interesting and dynamic than just a solid layer of paint.

I started painting the main shapes and forms using a reddish persimmon color.

Added purple.

Then added some white and bits of lime green.

Not quite finished with the painting yet; I like to hang out with a piece for a few days before calling it 'finished' (it will also take a couple weeks to fully dry, so he can't go anywhere anyway).

I got distracted from the first painting by starting on a new piece; it's my father and stepmother's Christmas gift. It's not an abstract - more of a still life, an ode to vintage advertising art but with some personal touches. I only got this far... waiting for the yellow ocre backpainting to dry...

Because I felt all crafty this weekend and had to run to Michaels again, I made a wreath for our front door. Wreaths are so easy to make. I bought the dried grapevine base at Michaels for $4. Then you just add whatever foliage or flowers or sparkly berry balls (my flourish of choice) that you like, per the season. You don't even have to add plants; you can glue whatever you want on there. Mini Santas? Sure. Candy canes? Why not. Do I sound like Martha Stewart yet? I promise I will not show you how to make a bird feeder out of a pinecone and some peanut butter...

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I'm already listening to my Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby Christmas CDs!  And here's a crazy stat for ya...

Countdown: 41 days until Tokyo