America's Next Top Model Takes a Gondola Ride

Last night's episode of America's Next Top Model (Cycle 15) finally took the contestants out of the U.S. to Europe. I do relish how Tyra always concocts some cockeyed way to tell the girls that they're going to .... New Zealand! or Hawaii!, or this season - Italy! Awkward over-acting is Tyra's game, and she wins every time.

I like most of the contestants left in the Cycle. All except for Liz the Complainer (who Spoiler Alert got sent home last night). The photoshoot in the first Italy episode did not disappoint. I love when they do period themed shoots on ANTM. The girls posed with an Italian male model, playing a Casanova character, on a gorgeous gondola in the canals of Venice. Bellissima! Even better, the models were styled in lovely 18th century inspired garments (corsets, cage skirts, diamond chokers, lace, wispy updos).

Pics from the shoot:

I really liked the wire cage bra they styled Chelsey (the blonde) with.

Kayla (the redhead) won Best Photo this week, while Liz (in the back) hooched it up.

Now that we're down to the best contestants of the season and they're in Italy, the landscape of photoshoots and challenges will be much more exciting. Viva la Moda Italiana!

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