Artsy Fartsy Friday : Kitten Mag + Schoolgirl Miranda Kerr

Happy Friday to all. I know that when you're at a desk all day, Fridays can somehow feel longer than the other days. Luckily, you have my blog to pique your aesthetic interest. Wink!

This spread was in volume 6, issue 1 of Kitten Magazine wherein Kristiina Wilson photographs models Olivia Henderson and Anna Korzun in fantastic clothes. I thought the styling was pretty neato too:

Do you think if I wrapped my petticoat around my neck it would have this same effect?

I want this horsey lamp. Reminds me of my dog ----->

In the Numéro magazine archives, I found this super sexy spread of model Miranda Kerr a.k.a. Victoria's Secret angel. From the June-July issue, the piece was called La Mauvaise Éducation  - photographed by Greg Kadel, styled by Patti Wilson. You gotta love the Catholic nun and schoolgirl inspiration (or maybe you take offense to it... my bad).

We're pushing the boundaries of sex, blasphemy and fashion. Sure, it may be a bit contrived; but I do love the colors and many of the pieces they put Miranda in. (It's not like the spread is in Seventeen magazine) Somewhere, men's heads are exploding... 

Shoes me likey.

Great necklace.

Thigh high stockings! See - I'm not the only one wearing them.

And on that note of male fantasy, I bid you all a magical weekend. What will I be doing? I'm glad you asked... I will be trying on wedding gowns! This is the part of wedding planning I've been craving! I would love to be able to post photos of my adventures in the bridal salon, but the Fiancé reads my blog. Sorry, Case!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!.
Remember, remember the Fifth of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.


  1. Stunning photos! Cute blog!

    Thanks for stopping by Burn the Blonde! Hope you'll be back more often!

    Sarah XXXX

    P.S Following!

  2. These pics are wonderful!
    Really impressive!

  3. Anonymous11/06/2010

    Absolutely love these pictures!! I really like the one with the cello!!



  4. gorgeous!
    im still obsessed with sequins, so loving the first snap - beaut!


  5. Anonymous11/08/2010

    Cool images! Love the color on the first set!



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