Faux Fur Vest, Ke$ha & Ryan Reynolds

I played around with my latest Buffalo Exchange find - a black Coaco faux fur vest. Faux fur... so hot right now. So much hotter than real fur. Wink!

I tried the vest with a white jersey shirt from Anthropologie, jeans, black leather boots and a black wool floppy hat.

Also tried it with a long white knit shirt I've had for years, black pleather pants from American Apparel, and brown suede knee high boots by Coconuts.

I wore this outfit out last night for a chilly patio dinner with a friend, and a female patron at the restaurant very sweetly praised, "Oh my goodness, I've never seen pleather worn like that. You pull it off!" To which I graciously replied that one needn't be scared of the pleather. One only needs to pair it with the right pieces (pieces that don't scream 'biker girl') and rock that confidence. Honestly, you can wear absolutely anything if you show that you are confident wearing it. Self-assuredness is a girl's best accessory!

And now for a well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS to a man who is near and dear to my heart... the gorgeous and charmingly funny Ryan Reynolds...

My celebrity boyfriend (don't worry, Fiance Casey - we're not serious) was very recently named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2010. I'm so proud of you, Ryan. I knew you could do it.

And in other news, I'm uber-pumped that I got tickets to the Ke$ha concert at the House of Blues! My favorite venue in Dallas AND my favorite party girl? Yes please...

Well, I am off to continue the work day... I'm working on a fun photoshoot with sparkly glittery holiday-inspired makeup and styling.

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