Food You Can Wear

Australian jewelry designer Lucy Folk decided one day that she wanted to combine 2 of her passions in life:  jewelry and food. Lucy majored in Gold and Silver-smithing (of course) and launched her 'wearable food' line in 2005. So far, she's chosen these major cuisine groups to mould and cast in solid silver or 18 karat gold:  pasta, seafood, Taqueria, and nibbles.

 Take a looksy at some of her pieces...

(popcorn necklace, tortilla chip necklace)

(cufflinks, pin)


This reminds me of that episode of Friends when Phoebe talks about Ross and Rachel being 'lobsters' and holding hands like this... (anyone?)

(taco shell necklace with bone?)

 Chip rings!

So Lucy's stuff is pretty interesting, right? If anything, wearing one of her pieces would definitely be a conversation starter. It's an endearing concept, really - recognizing a food you're used to seeing or eating but in a completely new and sparkly form.

Now the verdict:  I'm still not a huge fan of gold and silver mixed together in jewelry, but I guess I should get over that. I think I'd wear the pretzel or popcorn necklace. Would you wear any of Lucy Folk's jewelry?

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