Halloween Costumes #2 and #3

By the end of the day on Friday, I was over the Elvis costume. One can quickly tire of having to completely disrobe to relieve oneself, time after time throughout the day... And I'm still finding glitter in places! I got my hair done on Saturday and my stylist was like, "Um, what's with the glitter in the scalp?"

Onto Halloween! I have the best friends who just go along with all of my Halloween plans, regardless of their absurdity. The only thing missing from the night was Fiance Casey (who surely would have conceded to letting me dress him up in our fairytale too). I decided that I would be Red Riding Hood this year. Thus, my friends were the Big Bad Wolf, the Grandma and the Woodsman. Brilliant. They were comfortable whilst drinking all night, so that's what really counts.

 I know - my blonde storybook wig was super intense. I loved it though. It changed my whole look. Plus it kept me warm all night. I wore a Red Riding Hood costume by Leg Avenue, red sequin costume heels, white stocking with bows, a red petticoat, and carried a basket with a plastic wolf head in it. Friend Mike totally played the part of the Woodsman with plastic axe, flannel and full grown beard.

Our Big Bad Wolf and Grandma (Annie and David, they're married). We had fun finding those mumu gowns. That's what Goodwill is good for!

The ladies of All Hallows Eve. Lisa and Maggie wore my pink wigs!

Saturday night was a blast with the group costumes. Then Sunday I spent most of Halloween night with the fam and nephews, trick-or-treating of course. The kiddos were so cute, both dressed as the Venom Spiderman - they're obsessed.

Candy coma...

My brothers-in-law with Imaginary Casey, wishing he was here. Casey - this is for you!

After family time, I went out with a different set of girlfriends. I had originally planned to go as Jessica Rabbit, but my tatas just couldn't compare to those of that cartoon vixen. So I wore a leopard jumpsuit and went as a Cougar. You're welcome, Dallas...

 Wore the leopard onesie with black boots, my bright red wig, ears and my brand new (to me) black faux fur vest from Buffalo Exchange. Mee-YOW

I found this lovely lady wearing a costume she designed herself. She was ... that candy with the colored sugar drops on paper. Does it have an official name? She wore the real candy around her wrist. I was pretending to eat the candy and she was kindly humoring me.

This guy was the guitarist in the band that night and obviously made his own costume. But I thought it warranted a pic for creativity. He was wearing a nametag that said 'David' and stuck bows all over himself... David Bowie.  

My friend Taylor found a set of drums.  

A real life Ron Burgundy. He paid great tribute to Anchorman. "News team... assemble!"

My favorite costume of the night: a self-made Sock Monkey costume from the Kia commercials. He even had the 'Mom' heart tattoo sewn onto his monkey arm.

Sigh... I love Halloween.


  1. Amazing costumes!
    Love ur blog!!


  2. Wow, This really looks like one of the best ideas of having a Halloween party, I have always found the best inspirations at your website seeing all the above ideas have made me want to get a dress like yours for me, Thanks for the share.


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