I told you I'd do it, and I did it... I actually buckled down and painted this weekend. [ insert congratulatory athletic butt slap ]

I am painting the following piece as a commission by my friend Stacy. She wanted an abstract painted in the colors she used to decorate her bedroom (grey, deep purple, persimmon and lime green) So, this baby was born:

Started with a 24 x 48 inch canvas. Using oil paints for this one. I have been doing backpaintings lately using my paint-and-turpentine layer dripping technique. I think it makes them more interesting and dynamic than just a solid layer of paint.

I started painting the main shapes and forms using a reddish persimmon color.

Added purple.

Then added some white and bits of lime green.

Not quite finished with the painting yet; I like to hang out with a piece for a few days before calling it 'finished' (it will also take a couple weeks to fully dry, so he can't go anywhere anyway).

I got distracted from the first painting by starting on a new piece; it's my father and stepmother's Christmas gift. It's not an abstract - more of a still life, an ode to vintage advertising art but with some personal touches. I only got this far... waiting for the yellow ocre backpainting to dry...

Because I felt all crafty this weekend and had to run to Michaels again, I made a wreath for our front door. Wreaths are so easy to make. I bought the dried grapevine base at Michaels for $4. Then you just add whatever foliage or flowers or sparkly berry balls (my flourish of choice) that you like, per the season. You don't even have to add plants; you can glue whatever you want on there. Mini Santas? Sure. Candy canes? Why not. Do I sound like Martha Stewart yet? I promise I will not show you how to make a bird feeder out of a pinecone and some peanut butter...

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I'm already listening to my Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby Christmas CDs!  And here's a crazy stat for ya...

Countdown: 41 days until Tokyo


  1. [Congratulatory butt slap delivered here.] :o)

    Go paint! Thanks for being inspirational.

  2. Mama Hill11/27/2010

    Bring that gray puppy with you to Tokyo....it rocks. You are going to have to paint some pics for our walls!

  3. Crafting things yourself for your room or for anywhere in the house in a quite interesting and fun thing to do. I have also been looking for ideas to give my room soom fresh look, thank you for posting this.


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