Lanvin for H&M, It's Comin' To Texas Yall

The talk around my office for the last few weeks has been about when the fabulous H&M is coming to Dallas. It's sad, really, that such a sure market hit like H&M has never ventured south to Texas until now. But the fashion gods must have heard my prayers! As this Dallas Morning News article discusses, H&M is proposed to open at Northpark Mall sometime in the second half of 2011. 

Yeesh, I have to wait until the ambiguous 'sometime' in 2011? I'm crashing that grand opening party... The best $100 I may have ever spent was spent at the H&M in New York City (5th Ave). I still regularly wear every piece I bought from there in early 2008. I think I speak for everyone when I say, H&M is a goldmine.

Fashion trivia :  what does H&M stand for?

Answer :  it is a Swedish retailer, Hennes & Mauritz.
All the good stuff is from Sweden! IKEA, H&M, the Swedish Chef from Sesame Street, disco band ABBA, Pippi Longstockings... Absolut Vodka...

Last night in New York was the Lanvin for H&M Couture show... it looked bananas. No serious modeling or stuffy show; only frollic and fun, as it should be with this type of show. Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz said that they re-worked and re-vamped many of the haute couture garments that Lanvin designed for H&M. Then they created this show wherein the outfits will be auctioned (up now through Nov 26th) and all the proceeds will go to UNICEF's All For Children initiative.

Because it just happened last night, there aren't a whole lot of photos floating around yet. But I managed to snag some images from the InStyle runway video (which is why they're so blurry). Check it out:

I think I found my birthday dress... 

Teehee... 'Miss Lanvin'

There's that signature Lanvin leopard print.

A puppy!
(Fun fact: back in art school - cerca 2006? - I did a huge screenprint piece of a model walking a Great Dane like mine down the runway) 

Yes! Love the red. Gotta get me one of those may-ja tutu dresses.

I wish all my Jellies a glorious weekend. Usually I don't get the chance to blog on weekends, but this weekend I will be doing a few paintings. So I'll be sure to post photos. Geez, posting this holds me accountable, doesn't it. Now I have to paint...   Au revoir mon amis!


  1. Very Creative! Love this style. ;-)

  2. Christina B11/26/2010

    OMG cant wait!!!!


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