My Latest Obsession : Knee Socks

Who knows why I have this recent obsession with knee socks, but they're fast becoming a staple in my closet this fall. You can wear them with flats, heels, boots... skirts, dresses, shorts. Knee socks - they're not just for schoolgirls and Rugby players anymore. Wear them knit, wear them nylon. I now own the gambit of knee sock varieties: striped, argyle, sweater knit, thigh-high with bows (technically costume stockings, but whatevs).

I wore these to work today, per approval from the 3 Hills in Japan...

Supa' fly! I'm so excited that it's finally showing signs of lasting fall weather here in Texas. Knee socks weather. Jacket and blazer weather (speaking of, I'll show you my recent Buffalo Exchange find soon). Just like my love of ties, I encourage the wearing of knee and thigh high socks this season. Just do it. Sock it up. 

In other news, I cannot stop listening to Justin Bieber's Sombody To Love song. Why? Have I finally become a Belieber? Also on my current playlist that I suggest:  Beautiful Dirty Rich by Lady Gaga (fun music vid too)  and The Dog Days are Gone by Florence + the Machine.

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