My New Pet & A Kid in a Wig

This weekend I went home to Austin to YES, try on wedding gowns! I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a blast. No dress was purchased yet, but I certainly found my favorite style. I also finalized plans with my florist for the wedding day. We decided on my favorite flower - hydrangeas - with orange calla lilies and whatever a 'billy ball' flower is.

My mama Mo gave me a gift. Meet my new pet, Vivian...

She's a Venus Fly Trap. I love them - always wanted one.

I considered naming her 'Audrey' like Little Shop of Horrors. Great, now I'm going to be that girl who's always catching flies to feed to her plant. Or, I'll kill it within a week like most plants I keep.

Mo and I took a jaunt down the street to the lake. Lake Travis, I miss you!
It's even purty in the Fall...

Last night I babysat my lil nephews. I don't have many of what you'd call 'child-friendly' toys at my house, but they did enjoy playing with my hair extensions, paint brushes and costume wigs. Cole liked the green bob wig best:

I'm the aunt that encourages self-expression through costume...


  1. Okay: I'm officially Vivian's fan!!

  2. I agree with the above comment.. love vivian lol.. for some reason the kid in me has always been fascinated with those things :)

  3. Thanks ladies! Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks fly traps are neato :)

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