Rosie's Fashion Photography Book

My new favorite Victoria's Secret angel, quickly becoming one of my favorite models, you may know as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She lent her sex-bomb chameleon-like modeling skills to a project in collaboration with well known British photographer Rankin, creative designer Paula Thomas and styling by Maryam Malakpour. The proj was comprised of creative high fashion photo series for a photography book called Ten Times Rosie.

In the book, its muse - Rosie herself - takes on a multitude of characters in various themes including African Highlander, London punk, a sort of desert rose, and a porcelain circus doll, to name a few.

Rosie reminds me a lot of Natalia Vodianova.

On Trendland, you can watch video about the project with behind-the-scenes footage from the shoots and a great interview with the creators. Rosie is captivating! Such a talent.

The book was officially released on Amazon on October 1st, so check it out to see more Rosie!
I love photo boots in general, but this one can definitely join the others on our coffee table (which include Vanity Fair Portraits, Beers of the World, the Greek Islands, and a very special nature photography book that Fiance Casey gave to me way back on our 2 year anniversary).
Maybe Ten Times Rosie will be my Christmas present to me!...


  1. Anonymous11/12/2010

    wow, she is amazing. What a face... and presence..

  2. Wow, great photography ! She's beautiful :)

    - Nandi ,

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