Shoes & Hand-Feeding My Plant

First things first, look how hot Hermione is dressing these days...

No more Hogwarts cloaks for her. The girl has got some cajones! And her new short haircut made her grow up right in front of my eyes. Emma Watson has great style though. She's doin great things with Burberry.   PS. I'm uber pumped about the upcoming Harry Potter movie. Doesn't it come out this weekend?

Oh - weird story... I went out with friends this weekend and we chatted briefly with a fella who mentioned that he was "Karl Lagerfeld's nephew by marriage". Ummm.... I wanted badly to believe him. He mentioned Chanel (which meant that at least he did his research). Maybe it would have helped his case if he wore a ponytail, black tie and studded gloves.

And now for the really fun stuff... SHOOOOOZ!  These hot puppies were a tip from my extremely fabulous co-worker Christina:

Lipstick heels by Alberto Guardiani

Chewing gum heel by Kobi Levi. Hilarious!

Yves Saint Laurent, Palais mohawk pumps in purple suede

Peacock sandal by Pierre Hardy. Gorgeousssss.

Ankle bootie by Pollini for Manish Arora. Love the turquoise and gold.
And my favorite! What a great heel. Angel bootie by lovely Mr. Alexander McQueen

In other news, my pet Vivian may be in a bad way. She wasn't looking her greenest, so I sucked it up and did something weird. I ventured to the pet store (and of course it was save-a-puppy day) to buy some crickets to feed to her. The Petsmart worker goes, "So do you have a frog or somethin?" Sheepishly I replied, "No... it's more like a... Venus fly trap."  Apparently this lady had never dealt with a fly trap owner before because she scrunched up her nose and handed me my bag of small crickets without asking questions.

Wait, it gets better... I get home and realize that I now have to figure out how to get the fly trap to eat the crickets. Can't just dump the bag o' crickets on the plant - they'll jump away and I'll be hearing chirping in my apartment for months. So I did what any self respecting mother of a Venus fly trap would do and I hand-fed the damn plant. I took tweezers and, one at a time, grabbed a tiny cricket and shoved one in each little fly trap. Oh my goodness. So weird. I'm that weird girl now, aren't I? The sad thing is, the plant doesn't look any happier. I shouldn't own plants...


  1. Anonymous11/16/2010

    just died and went to shoe heaven

  2. Chewing gum heel is too funny ! McQueen's masterpiece is to die for!!



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