Thanks & Giving

I hope all of my Jellies had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. I went home to Austin to bask in family time, and to be reminded at yet another family gathering that I am not talented in the kitchen. My sister - the Art Institute culinary arts graduate - was frollicking about my parents' kitchen just breading, basting and mixing away. Meanwhile, I stuck to what I do best: making alcoholic beverages and drinking them. I also made cornbread and chopped things when told.

Sigh... luckily Fiance Casey knows this about me. I'm no June Cleaver. But I do occasionally wear pearls and I will gladly mix you a mean martini when you get home from work!

Some photos from the weekend...

My man Kaiser the Great in his favorite arm chair.  

How to hug your dragon...

 Gidget the boxer eyeing the turkey in the oven. She watched it for hours.

 Dad carving the turkey with dogs praying for him to drop a piece. Kaiser still doesn't realize that he's so big, all he has to do is put his head on the counter to steal food.

Feast! Yumm. Notice the important things are next to my plate - the canned cranberry and the wine.

My little brother, the carnivore.

So what is Lizz thankful for? Well, how much time do you have?...

- My family - in part for forcing me to maintain humility - and for supporting me in everything
- My Casey. Thank you for keeping me sane and driving me crazy (in a good way!)
- My amazing friends. Without you guys, where would I be? I shudder to think.
- The beyond wonderful new family I will soon be marrying into.
- My pending Japanese adventure. Countdown: 34 days!
- My health. Thank you One-A-Day vitamins.
- Wine. And beer.
- My job. Because a lot of people don't have them. I try to remember that when I want to complain about my job.
And finally, I am thankful for my Jelly Blog followers and my fashion blogging community!

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  1. Mama Hill11/30/2010

    can't wait to get you here so we can show you how thankful we are for U


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