Pics from my BlackBerry | Christmas at The Lizz's

It's been a crazy week at my hizz-ome in Austin, bopping around and visiting all matter of family. A good indicator of how things are going:  my little brother yelled at me today, "Lizz I found your stupid boob cage in the bathroom." When I asked what he meant, he handed me my bra.

The man I may miss the most while in Japan is this little fella (and by 'little' I mean horse sized)...

Merry Bark-mas from my Kaiser the Great.
He's been obsessed with the Christmas tree, even attempted to eat a few ornaments.

Aaaaaaand my Christmas onesie. With attached footies. Attractive.

Side note: if I ever become a fashion designer, my first order of business is to create a novelty line of whimsical onesies - some of which will pertain to various holidays throughout the year. Many of which will be bedazzled and have a matching hat. You're welcome in advance.

Tonight we took my grandmother out for wine and sushi. The bistro had an aquarium of.... dun dun dun DUN... Jellies!

I hope that everyone is having a magnificent holiday. 3 Days until 2011 yall. 5 Days until I hit the road for Tokyo! I'm off to Best Buy tomorrow to purchase a new camera for Japan so that I can start posting good quality photos on Jelly Blog for once. Any suggestions on a camera?


Artwear = Greatwear

I saw this series and thought they were the most glorious pieces! The pieces themselves were designed by top United Kingdom fashion designers, and they were photographed by Frederik Lieberath (a Swede) for an issue of Volt magazine. It's described as 'when art meets fashion' and thus we have 'artwear'.


Cape by Charlie Le Mindu

Dress by Hannah Marshall

Dress by Gemma Slack

Sweater by Sandra Backlund.
I think the term 'sweater' is used loosely here.

Dress by Iris Van Herpen

Aren't they mysterious? I love the textures. Perhaps I'll get lucky and find some artwear in Japan...

Countdown: 10 Days til Tokyo!  


Thanks for the Gifts Dudes!

The things that I foresee missing the most during my (somewhat brief) move to Japan are my amazingly supportive and generous friends and family here. [sigh] Thank you guys for being my heartbeat.

Fear not, Jellies. I will still be keeping Jelly Blog alive and well while I'm overseas. For those months abroad, Jelly Blog will transform into a look-what-people-are-wearing-in-Tokyo kind of blog, as well as keeping tabs on all my adventures in Asia. Posts to look forward to are my visit to Mount Fuji, the bar from Lost in Translation, and a Sumo Wrestling tournament. Yow!

Already I've received such sweet early Christmas presents from friends and fam, including these fashionable ditties...

Teal and blue checked scarf from Maggie.

Multi-strand necklace from Annie & Dave.
Can you spot the gorilla creepin' in the background?

And this is what happens when you fall asleep on the couch after you exchange Christmas presents with me...

Sorry Dave. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Thanks also to Tay for my previously coveted peapods (yay Etsy) and Amers for my African-made necklace. I LOVE CHRISTMAAAAAAS!


Paintings, Finished

My Jellies, I'm so sorry that I have not blogged in what feels like a while. I've been preparing for Christmas, and more momentously, my move to Japan.

Countdown:  14 Days!

This weekend, I purchased my wedding gown. AHHHHHHH! Exciting. I would love to show yall photos of THE dress, but Fiance Casey reads my blog. Wouldn't want to risk the groom seeing the bride's dress before the big day. I can tell you however that the gown is made of almost all lace. A pattern I haven't ever seen before. I'm in love.

Also, I finished my paintings. Yippee.

Here's the commissioned piece...

Here's the Christmas present I painted for my parents. They're the ones who taught me to love wine, and luckily they at least pretend to like anything I create for them. Will they have room for a 48inch painting of a wine bottle somewhere? Let's hope.  

The label says 'The Duchess of Beaujolais' which is our family Boxer dog's registered name. She's not doing well as of late and may pass on soon, so I think the painting will be a fun little way to keep her name around.

I hope that everyone's Christmas present hunting and wrapping is stress-free and jolly. Word to the wise: Avoid the mall at all costs, people. You'll be taken down faster than a weak gazelle.


This Is Why I'm a Shoe Whore | Tatehana Shoes

Ladies and Shoe Whores, gird your loins. This is the Artisan Collection 2010 by Noritaka Tatehana. Apparently all of the pieces were made by the designer's handwork, and the theme of the collection is Metamorphosis. Unusual styles and textures, and most don't even have a heel (much like the Nina Ricci heel-less platforms).

Feast your eyes...

holy feathers... i love these.

Was a pink stingray sacrificed to make these?

In similar news, I plan to purchase these Steve Madden Complexx booties very soon. Your thoughts?

I saw these glorious (and heavy!) Sam Edelman pumps at the mall. They reference the 2-seasons-ago Christian Louboutins, but they don't cost your first born:

Fiance Casey - if you're reading this, these are not-so-subtle hints at what I want for Christmas...


New Old Renaissance

This is a rather intriguing and visually stimulating set of projects by Swiss-Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini.

For me, the projects seem to reference the stilted portrait oil paintings of the Renaissance period. Tagliavini takes the concept of Renaissance portraiture into the 21st century with the photography medium, but he maintains that flattened 2-D sense of space with the wardrobe. The models are like paperdolls with their cardboard clothing, headdresses and lack of movement. Check it out...

Project - Dame di Cartone

Project - 1503

How did he do that with their necks?!


Booky Book Books

Realizing that I've never done a book blog post before, I've taken a look back at all of the books in my life from the past year - a retrospective Lizz Library of sorts. Mostly I stick to reading my fashion mags each month (all 29342347 of them), but sometimes you just need something with more narrative, a story that builds on itself. The books I read aren't exactly Cold Mountain or Catcher in the Rye, but they certainly brought me joy in their own little ways.

I started the year off with this little ditty by famed heiress Ivanka Trump called The Trump Card: Playing To Win in Work and Life. Ivanka has always been a big inspiration to me (she's the daughter of a real estate tycoon and she's not in jail, coked up, or clubbing every night? shocking...) So I thought it would be nice to hear the words straight from her mouth. She's so young and her career is already soaring, her motivation unmatched by others with famous fathers and fed with the silver spoon.

3 Stars | The girl gives great advice for work and life. It's certainly interesting to hear about her upbringing, how she has handled different situations in her life thus far, and how she got to where she is now - the top. But the book starts to loose steam after the middle, and some of her stories seem a bit redundant. (To be honest, I had to put the book down for a few weeks and come back to it.) Still a great read for other young, driven and like-minded women.

Then I completely switched gears and started reading the Chelsea Handler books, starting with the first, My Horizontal Life...

4 Stars | A hilarious recount of Chelsea's most memorable one night stands. The whole time she has you thinking, "Oh my gosh, can it get any worse?"

Then the second, Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea

3 Stars | Still funny, but very similar to the first book. You'll love how she talks about her dad.

And her most recent book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

? Stars | I've just started reading this one, I'll let you know how it goes...

I'm also simultaneously reading a passage at a time of the hottest coffee table book titled CLASSY by Derek Blasberg.

It's less of a story and more of a how-to book for young women. "How to what?" you may ask. How to be just that - classy. How to be a lady in a world full of Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club (uuggh). How to be Taylor Swift versus Lindsey Lohan. Kate Middleton versus Snooki.

Essentialy, the book is about making wardrobe and style choices that are Classy versus 'Tramp'. Blasberg discusses how to behave, how to date, how to attend a party, and on and on.
It's such a fun and light book. I found a few online images to show you...

  Kesha, is that you?

 Heehee, the thong...

This page made me giggle.

4.5 Stars | If nothing else, Classy is a great conversation starter for your coffee table at home, a light and fun read, and a lovely reminder of the elegant femme that us young dames aspire to be.

All books bought from Amazon

What I'm Wearing Today

I awoke today to find (FINALLY) cold weather. Leaves have almost all fallen off the trees in our neck of the city. Temp has not risen back up to 65 this afternoon. I'm praying to the weather gods to keep it cold this time! I was inspired to bundle a bit and wear my hippie hat...

- Chocolate colored cotton GAP shirt
- Jeans that are so old and worn-in, I've had these since before 'jeggings' were cool...
- Brown leather buckle boots
- Brown leather belt, new from American Eagle. Hey - I may feel too old to wear AE clothes, but I aint too old to pay only $20 for a good belt!
- Pink wool hipster hat. I got this as a gift and I wear it every winter. It has a ginormous puff ball on the back.

Also have to extend a CONGRATS to m'lady Lara Stone on her win as Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Well deserved!

You want to hear something that will make you love her even more? Apparently she sued French Playboy for illegally publishing images of her in the mag, and she won the case. Way to stand up for yourself, Lara. Even sweeter is that she plans to donate all of her winnings to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Aww!


Panties & Furs & Boots... Oh My!

I always say, nothing says 'holiday' like a good fur coat and some sexy knickers. Actually I've never said that before, but I really liked the great mixture of textures in this editorial. Shot by photographer Pierre Dal Corso for the holiday 2010 issue of Zink magazine. The model is the beautiful Natalie K and she's rockin' these skivvies.



Yippie for red fur.