Artwear = Greatwear

I saw this series and thought they were the most glorious pieces! The pieces themselves were designed by top United Kingdom fashion designers, and they were photographed by Frederik Lieberath (a Swede) for an issue of Volt magazine. It's described as 'when art meets fashion' and thus we have 'artwear'.


Cape by Charlie Le Mindu

Dress by Hannah Marshall

Dress by Gemma Slack

Sweater by Sandra Backlund.
I think the term 'sweater' is used loosely here.

Dress by Iris Van Herpen

Aren't they mysterious? I love the textures. Perhaps I'll get lucky and find some artwear in Japan...

Countdown: 10 Days til Tokyo!  

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  1. are awesome!! this kind of work with textile are like sculptures!! thanks for share! ;D


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