New Old Renaissance

This is a rather intriguing and visually stimulating set of projects by Swiss-Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini.

For me, the projects seem to reference the stilted portrait oil paintings of the Renaissance period. Tagliavini takes the concept of Renaissance portraiture into the 21st century with the photography medium, but he maintains that flattened 2-D sense of space with the wardrobe. The models are like paperdolls with their cardboard clothing, headdresses and lack of movement. Check it out...

Project - Dame di Cartone

Project - 1503

How did he do that with their necks?!


  1. mama hill12/12/2010

    OH I just loved these pictures.....another good one Weez

  2. Just saw this. LOVE. Wow. Hope you're having a blast in Japan! :o)


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