Paintings, Finished

My Jellies, I'm so sorry that I have not blogged in what feels like a while. I've been preparing for Christmas, and more momentously, my move to Japan.

Countdown:  14 Days!

This weekend, I purchased my wedding gown. AHHHHHHH! Exciting. I would love to show yall photos of THE dress, but Fiance Casey reads my blog. Wouldn't want to risk the groom seeing the bride's dress before the big day. I can tell you however that the gown is made of almost all lace. A pattern I haven't ever seen before. I'm in love.

Also, I finished my paintings. Yippee.

Here's the commissioned piece...

Here's the Christmas present I painted for my parents. They're the ones who taught me to love wine, and luckily they at least pretend to like anything I create for them. Will they have room for a 48inch painting of a wine bottle somewhere? Let's hope.  

The label says 'The Duchess of Beaujolais' which is our family Boxer dog's registered name. She's not doing well as of late and may pass on soon, so I think the painting will be a fun little way to keep her name around.

I hope that everyone's Christmas present hunting and wrapping is stress-free and jolly. Word to the wise: Avoid the mall at all costs, people. You'll be taken down faster than a weak gazelle.

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