Pics from my BlackBerry | Christmas at The Lizz's

It's been a crazy week at my hizz-ome in Austin, bopping around and visiting all matter of family. A good indicator of how things are going:  my little brother yelled at me today, "Lizz I found your stupid boob cage in the bathroom." When I asked what he meant, he handed me my bra.

The man I may miss the most while in Japan is this little fella (and by 'little' I mean horse sized)...

Merry Bark-mas from my Kaiser the Great.
He's been obsessed with the Christmas tree, even attempted to eat a few ornaments.

Aaaaaaand my Christmas onesie. With attached footies. Attractive.

Side note: if I ever become a fashion designer, my first order of business is to create a novelty line of whimsical onesies - some of which will pertain to various holidays throughout the year. Many of which will be bedazzled and have a matching hat. You're welcome in advance.

Tonight we took my grandmother out for wine and sushi. The bistro had an aquarium of.... dun dun dun DUN... Jellies!

I hope that everyone is having a magnificent holiday. 3 Days until 2011 yall. 5 Days until I hit the road for Tokyo! I'm off to Best Buy tomorrow to purchase a new camera for Japan so that I can start posting good quality photos on Jelly Blog for once. Any suggestions on a camera?


  1. Haha i LOVE the onesie! So cute :)
    And my dad has the Nikon D40, which produces fairly good quality photo's!


  2. Christina B1/01/2011

    Nikon!! Or an iPhone lol jk

  3. Thank you for the camera suggestions, ladies! <3

  4. Thank you for sharing this helpful information with many others.





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