Pics From My BlackBerry

I feel that a CONGRATS is in order for the winner of America's Next Top Model cycle 15... Ann!

Awkward and shy as she was, I have to admit that the girl had a unique look and took stunning pictures. Chelsey did a fantastic job too. It was a toss-up for me on the winner.

It's time to share more photos from my Blackberry gallery! Always a cornucopia of delightful randomness. The quality of photos isn't top drawer, but what more can we expect from a phone that I drop at least once a week?

Went to brunch with some ladies in Deep Ellum, Dallas and drove past these little birdie chrome statues perched quietly in a park.

Yep, that's me in a wig and wearing a Jessie costume from Toy Story. Don't ask why...

On set at work with a lovely lady for whom I did makeup. Such a vixen! Loved her.

Me doing a shoot for work.
This is what happens when you don't have an actual Rudolph nose. You make due.

A tiny Christmas tree that a few of my coworkers erected in their office. That would be a zebra Snuggie for the tree skirt, hair swatch samples for ornaments, and a giant pink afro wig for the star.

This photo is obviously not from my Blackberry (it's Salvador Dali for petes sake) But a coworker showed it to me because he knew I'd like it. I've studied a LOT of art in school, and I never saw this picture.
The photo is of Salvador Dali exiting what looks to me like the Metro in Paris. He's walking his pet anteater. Oh my goodness... such a weirdy. I love him.

Dali Trivia: he had a mild obsession with ants (thus the anteater?). If you look at many of his surrealist paintings, you'll find ants in them. For my film studies degree I had to write a paper on an UBER weird short film Dali made with Louis Bunuel called Un Chien Andalou. Check it out.

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