Thanks for the Gifts Dudes!

The things that I foresee missing the most during my (somewhat brief) move to Japan are my amazingly supportive and generous friends and family here. [sigh] Thank you guys for being my heartbeat.

Fear not, Jellies. I will still be keeping Jelly Blog alive and well while I'm overseas. For those months abroad, Jelly Blog will transform into a look-what-people-are-wearing-in-Tokyo kind of blog, as well as keeping tabs on all my adventures in Asia. Posts to look forward to are my visit to Mount Fuji, the bar from Lost in Translation, and a Sumo Wrestling tournament. Yow!

Already I've received such sweet early Christmas presents from friends and fam, including these fashionable ditties...

Teal and blue checked scarf from Maggie.

Multi-strand necklace from Annie & Dave.
Can you spot the gorilla creepin' in the background?

And this is what happens when you fall asleep on the couch after you exchange Christmas presents with me...

Sorry Dave. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Thanks also to Tay for my previously coveted peapods (yay Etsy) and Amers for my African-made necklace. I LOVE CHRISTMAAAAAAS!

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