What I'm Wearing Today

I awoke today to find (FINALLY) cold weather. Leaves have almost all fallen off the trees in our neck of the city. Temp has not risen back up to 65 this afternoon. I'm praying to the weather gods to keep it cold this time! I was inspired to bundle a bit and wear my hippie hat...

- Chocolate colored cotton GAP shirt
- Jeans that are so old and worn-in, I've had these since before 'jeggings' were cool...
- Brown leather buckle boots
- Brown leather belt, new from American Eagle. Hey - I may feel too old to wear AE clothes, but I aint too old to pay only $20 for a good belt!
- Pink wool hipster hat. I got this as a gift and I wear it every winter. It has a ginormous puff ball on the back.

Also have to extend a CONGRATS to m'lady Lara Stone on her win as Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Well deserved!

You want to hear something that will make you love her even more? Apparently she sued French Playboy for illegally publishing images of her in the mag, and she won the case. Way to stand up for yourself, Lara. Even sweeter is that she plans to donate all of her winnings to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Aww!

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