Blue Dress + Neon Dress = COLOR!

Another fun photo session by the incomparable Katie May...

I'm wearing Katie May's Selina dress in navy, which has a lovely asymmetrical front. Worn with a silky jacket, double buckle belt and two-tone saddle heels.

Lemon-lime neon dress by Mango paired with black tights and belt from American Apparel. Biker gloves by XXI and platform heels by Prada.

A cold and windy day here in Tokyo but still beautiful sunshine. Katie May - not just a fab designer, a great photog too!


  1. those are some gorgeous shoes and clothes!~ ^^
    love the color of the second dress!

  2. This color looks great on you, Liz! Looks like you are really having a blast in Tokyo :)

  3. Anonymous1/27/2011

    If I wore those shoes, I would be in traction for the rest of my life....BUT, they look great on you! XO Aunt B.


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