A Buddhist Temple & An Awesome View

I had a blasty blast with the girls on my pre-birthday, so it was time for day-of birthday adventures with my Casey. First on the agenda was a visit to Asakusa - an older area of Tokyo in which things like architecture and culture are more preserved.

Casey Fiance and I rode in a rickshaw (or jinrikisha in Japanese), visited the Buddhist Sensoji Temple with one of the oldest histories in Tokyo, then enjoyed drinks and a fabulous dinner at the Park Hyatt rooftop bar where the film Lost in Translation was filmed. A truly awesome day...


 This guy was bookin' it. He was great and spoke English rather well. You could tell he loved his job.

 He made us take a photo with this Kabuki statue.

 Stick it...

 Sensoji Temple

The sign next to this koi fish pond said Please dont feed the fish. The koi were seemingly telling us to disregard it.

This pagoda is huuuuge! Originally built in the year 942 (yowza), it was remodeled in 1648, then burned down during WWII in 1945. Sad. This 5-storied pagoda was built in 1973 and a bone relic of the Buddha was placed in the topmost storey. Neat-o! 

If you are ever feeling too big for your britches, visit Tokyo. That feeling will quickly disappear - people as far as the eye can see.

 It's good luck if you touch this giant straw sandal. I didn't make it. I was never a jumper. Casey touched it for both of us.

 I'm obsessed with these giant lanterns.

 The weird (excuse me) golden sperm building is actually the Asahi Brewery Headquarters building. Built in the late 80s by a French dude, the building is said to capture 'the essence of a sudsy glass of beer'. 
I dig Asahi.

Time for our Date

My birthday dinner outfit - beige and black lace one-shoulder dress I found at Bebe of all places, black tights and black patent leather pumps by Gianni Bini.

Birthday kiss! How great does my betrothed look?!

Inside the dark, sexy bar...

 Dirty martini, 3 olives.

What an exquisite view, huh?

 Thank you Nues for the surprise dessert!

Woop woop The big 2-5!

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  1. Anonymous1/23/2011

    Is Casey wearing a parachute during your walk around?


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