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One of the many fabulous things about Tokyo is that you can always find somewhere unique to eat and/or drink. The selection of international cuisine options is surprising, and the food here (albeit expensive) is amazing. If in the small chance your food is not amazing, at least you can say you tried something new whilst at the [insert restaurant name] in Tokyo. I reference the second time I had sushi and was served an entire shrimp with face intact - eyeballs staring up at me from my wooden serving platter - with a side of salmon caviar and 7 other assorted pieces of raw seafood. Pam just about fainted.

This is similar to the time that Pam & I shared a lobster at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (yep, they have one here), but not without first being introduced to our live lobster by our waitor. Lobster looked up at us from the platter, claws bound with rubber bands and cold black eyes glaring at us with disdain. I pet his head, telling him it would all be okay soon and that there would be melted butter involved.

But I digress... after attending a basketball game of a different league, we went with friends to the Omotesando Cafe. I had a 'Cajun' chicken salad (Cajun used in the most broad sense of the word) which was just alright, but we also had crepes and who doesn't like a good crepe?

This pic just reminds me that we're going to have a slew of weird casey-and-lizz photos to sort through for our wedding video...

But I have to share with you all a section of the menu that made me laugh out loud. We shall call this new segment:  GOOD ENGRISH

(For the record, I did not develop the term Engrish on my own. There is a whole website devoted to this sort of thing, and it is awesome)

[ No Americans were used in the proofreading of this menu. ]

Sometimes you can find a British or Irish pub in Tokyo. I suggest going inside...

 Texty McGee

I went to my first vegetarian restaurant in Japan with the Ladies That Lunch group. It was called Eat More Greens. As a carnivore, I can say that it was quaint and surprisingly delicious...

The night scene and bar scene is pretty great here if you go to the right areas of town. We went to Smoke bar to meet up with our Apache peeps... 

 With player Darin Maki and his beautiful wifey

Go Mai girl - that's my DJ  :)

Player Robert Swift and Casey

The team won by 20+ points in their last home game. It was a great win. Next stop... Kyoto!!

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