High Tea with Queen Elizabeth aka Me

What a glorious way to spend the anniversary of your birth - in a foreign country. Tokyo definitely made me feel special, helping me celebrate my now 25 years on this earth. A quarter century is a milestone of sorts, so the peeps and I had several activities planned for Lizz's Birthday Weekend, the first of which was a tea (that's right, I said weekend. I'm one of those women who likes to really draw it out).

I enjoyed a beautiful high tea with my ladies of Tokyo, or the 'Ladies that Lunch' as we have started calling ourselves. Why do we lunch? Well it seems that dinner is going out of style here as a meal can cost you somewhere in the ballpark of a semester of college tuition. Lunches however are rather affordable by comparison. So until I start sneezing money (ideally Yen because of the painful exchange rate), the girls and I will enjoy fabulous yet affordable lunches together, and I'll just suck on a napkin for dinner. Ok I'll also have a water.

High tea at the Ukai-tei tea house on Omote-Sando near Harajuku...

My birthday tea outfit - White silk shirt that I've had forever from Francesca's boutique, black skirt from Ella Blue boutique in Boerne TX (shoutout Alexis), nylon knee-highs and black boots.

It is still cold out after all, but instead of my puffy coat, I layered a few thick scarves.

 Our little table at the tea house, just as quaint as it could be. Pam, Chanyn, Katie May, my new friend Shelley from Australia, and me. 

At this tea house, you can order teas and coffee, then they wheel around a whimsical little dessert cart and you choose from delicious cakes and ice creams with fruit. Who could resist a spread like this?

Round 1, with a thoughtful touch added by our waitress. So cute.

 A leaf!

 Dessert cart

Round 2 with another birthday touch - candles! I made a wish, but I aint tellin you what it was...

I do love me a good cup o' tea and some fine company. Thank you for a sweet sweet day, ladies!

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