I Don't Speak Japanese, but Please Take My Money

I titled this post as such because I'm a little peeved, I admit. I'm frustrated because I do not speak Japanese. One of my college majors was, in fact, Communications so I hate not being able to communicate with people. It was arguably a strong suit of mine back in America. Here I feel like a slightly overgrown toddler with whom the locals are forced to play charades in order to have a conversation.

Also I'm peeved because everything here costs so damn much. I've gone shopping more than a handful of times but have not yet required any new hangers for my closet. One must save one's money for food and much-needed cocktails. But I should not complain; I'm with my wonderful future in-laws, living in a foreign country with my best friend & betrothed. I'm a lucky lucky Lizz. I wish I know how to say that in Japanese.

While walking to get my 'hair did' at Toni & Guy Tokyo (not as scary as you may think), we stumbled across these triplets. And when I say triplets, I mean 3 adorable long-haired Dachshunds wearing sweaters and sunglasses. If this doesn't make you smile, you may want to check your pulse...

Their owner even posed them for me.

I also saw a woman literally walking a monkey on a leash down the sidewalk. That would have been an even better photo to snap, but I admittedly was too shocked to whip out my camera in time. I started to Google search whether it's legal to own a monkey in Japan, but I ended up researching the different types of monkeys. I deduced that the animal I saw was either a capuchin or a squirrel monkey. But that is neither here nor there if I didn't have the brains to take a picture of him. I owe ya one, Jellies.

Had to leave the apartment today to explore...

 Cool sculpture at Tokyo Midtown.

Enjoying tea and dessert at a little shop there.

And now for another installment of STUFF YOU WONT FIND IN AMERICA !

Today's topic ranks rather high on my Whoa Meter. A Tokyo gas station:

Suspended gas pumps release the nozzle from the ceiling. I'm no engineer, but I assume this decreases the number of car-hits-gas-pump-and-explodes-into-fireball incidents. What will they think up next?!


  1. u can buy a lot of basic things at the 100 yen store!!!!!! and it's good quality too i promise!!! and to say lucky lizz---ラーキ!RA-KIIIII! haha see you soon babe! ♡

  2. oh good, they do blondes there :)


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