Lito's Scarab Jewelry

Firstly, try to pronounce the last name of this jewelry designer: Lito Karakostanoglou

Now take a look at her exquisite jewelry. The designer herself is Greek, but her subjects are of the insect world. I really dig scarabs; they were a sacred animal in ancient Egyptian culture. To create her pieces, I read that Lito preserves real beetles. Yes way. She then houses the buggies in intricate little cages or platforms to affix to necklaces and earrings. On paper, the jewelry sounds questionable, but just look at the result...

Suddently the little beetles seem so regal with their diamond houses and gold flourishes. I think it's their prismatic color and iridescence that paints them so other-wordly.

The detail shot on these earrings is captivating.

Don't judge me when I say that I want these...


  1. Anonymous1/15/2011

    I WANT the brown scarab earrings!!! How much, just out of curiosity, are they? US $$, please....Aunt B.

  2. Anonymous7/31/2011

    Is there a contact of where to buy?


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