Lizz Is In Tokyo!

Hey yall.... I made it to Japan! My Tokyo adventure has officially begun, so get ready to be dazzled.

If you ever fly to Japan, I highly suggest Japan Airlines. Oh my gosh, this airline was fantastic. My flight was 13 hours from Chicago to Tokyo/Narita, but it certainly did not feel that long. I watched 3 movies on the plane - every passenger has their own screen and movie selection - including The Social Network which was fantastic (you can just watch that flick for the dialogue alone). The screens can also show you the stats on your trip and give you a 'birds eye view' which is a camera set up below the plane that displays what you're flying over. Neato, gang.   Plus the flight attendants feed you and give you drinks the entire time. I had 2 full meals, and they were always walking around serving green tea, coffee, juice, beer and wine. The flight attendants are all beautifully sweet Japanese women who can mostly speak English; I think I pissed one off because I kept accidentally calling her over by elbowing the 'call service' button on my arm rest. Woops.

All in all, a great traveling experience. The best part... Casey Fiance was waiting outside international customs to pick me up. MAN what a sight for sore eyes - it's been 4 months! I know compared to couples in the military, 4 months ain't nothin. But that was the longest Fiance and I had ever been apart. A true test of our relationship, but a test we passed. Thank you Skype.

Fiance and I on the train from the airport. He's excited. I'm clearly exhausted.

Here is our view from the apartment in Tokyo. 27 floors up!

We can see Mount Fuji from the south window. It's absolutely enormous.

Fiance's mother has decorated the apartment so wonderfully. Here's our little Geisha in the corner (she's holding a sake cup in one hand).

I apologize that I haven't much to report on just yet; I'm only 24 hours in. Jetlag had me konked out at around 10pm Tokyo time - pretty good, considering I woke up at 4am central time for the airport. There's about a 15 hour time difference, if you're wondering. I've already seen what your January 4th looks like. It's good. 

SO much more to come so stay tuned, folks! Today I will learn about the subway system and general navigation of the city scene. And I'll be trying to offend the least amount of people with my broken and extremely limited Japanese.

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  1. Lizzzz! I am so happy you arrive safely. I bet Gweeber was thrilled to see you, please give him my love. Have wonderful adventures and drink lots of sake! Love and miss you bunches!!

    Come back soon!


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