My First Tokyo Outing

I know a smidgen about Tokyo thus far, but if I had to sum up this city in 3 words right now, they would be:

Efficient, Courteous & Fashionable

I learned how to ride and navigate the Tokyo subway system. It's efficiency to the max.
Greetings are super important in Japan; people greet you and thank you for every little thing. Amazing courtesy.
In the US, many people pay no heed to what is considered 'out of style'. They wear whatever. Not in Tokyo... muy fashionable. People here clearly put thought into what they're wearing each day. These peeps LOVE fashion and trends. If it's 'IN'... they're all wearing it. (Don't worry - I'll do a separate post on the fashion fads among the youth here.)

Yesterday, Casey Fiance's mama introduced me to the Rodeo Drive of Tokyo - an area known as Omote-Sando. It's got Japanese boutiques of course, but also great international brands like Michael Kors, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, etc.

The street was beautiful at sundown...

At a coffee shop, I spotted this lovely little girl dressed head to toe in what I've been told is the 'Harajuku' way of dressing - that sticky-sweet, little girl fairytale style.

Bonnet? Check. Little Bo Peep coat? Check.  

Look how thrilled she is that I was taking her picture...

It's cold here! Gotta bundle up with scarves and fur coats.

Today Casey took me to a popular shopping and cultural area of town called Shibuya. Crowded, but way cool. We even stopped in a few shops that reminded me of home - hippie shops with hand-made wool goods and jewelry and air that smelled like hemp and patchouli. Finally, I bought a few comfy dresses from the Tokyo H&M (pics to come).

If you think America is full of signage, billboards and ads... come to Tokyo.

Here's the busiest intersection in Shibuya. The crosswalk signs were about to say 'walk'... this is the calm before the pedestrian chaos.

5 Things I've learned about the Japanese culture and lifestyle so far:

1. They drive on the left side of the street, on the right side of the car,
2. Escalators: if you aint walkin', then move to the left side. If you don't, they'll stare you down until you do.
3. More people speak English here than you might think.
4. People don't walk around with their Starbucks cups. You sit down to drink it. Mary Kate & Ashley would have a hard time here.
5. The dogs here are a tenth the size of my dog, and they all wear doggie clothes. Haven't seen a coat-less dog yet.


  1. Love Japanese style!!! Baby Lolita :-) I'm sooooo jelly!!!

  2. It is so much fun reading your adventures. So Jealous, so keep them coming,. I really like the photos!!

    If you need an escort, I can be there...

  3. I concur with Karen. It absolutely thrilling reading all about your Tokyo adventures. I click on your blog every day to see if you posted anything. No pressure. Wish I could be there with you ; ( Love you!


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