New Stuff + More Japanese Fashion

I love when I get the pleasure of writing 'New Stuff' posts because it means that I'm in love with whatever new thing I just bought.

 Check out my new long cotton dress. Got this sexy little number from H&M Tokyo. It's beige with screenprinted braids of hair, and the dress buttons up one side. Mee-Yow. I wore it with my brown leather boots and black fuzzy vest. Uber comfy.

Another beige dress from H&M Tokyo - a knit with sleeves that buckle. I wore it with black pleather pants from American Apparel, sequin leaf headband, and fuzzy boots because it's friggin freezing outside. You may also notice my favorite of the new purchases in this photo....

Totally digging my new purse! It's vintage COACH. Yes way. I found him here in Harajuku. I love the mailbag style and the brass clasps and buckles. I feel like a schoolkid when I wear it.

Plus I can carry it like this...

I haven't really covered Japanese men's street fashion, but if I may, I think I can categorize it into 2 main themes:  1) business professional, and 2) hipster sleek

Whilst riding the subway, I spotted this sharply dressed male. He looks like a character from a music video, like he was going to bust into a breakdance solo at any moment (that's how it played out in my head anyway). He clearly was on lunch break from the office in his suit and tie, but something about the aviators, ponytail and iPod says he's a total tweaker on the weekends.

Ha - check out Pam tryin to play it cool while I sneakily snap a photo.

They're right, you know... beauitful hair does indeed 'create Beautiful People'...
Kidding. I thought this ad was a great example of how the ladies in Tokyo wear their hair. Most women wear their hair down, neatly coifed. It seems nobody just throws their hair in a ponytail here. Blunt bangs are big, as is the sweet/innocent girly hairstyle.

Are you ready for some really fun news? Our group went to a Sumo Wrestling match last night! Omigosh so cool. Pictures in the next post...

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