Harajuku & Japanese Street Fashion Take 1

There are several things I have noticed about the street fashion here in Tokyo. In my limited outsider's perspective, this is how I would sum it up: what they wear is not about standing out or being stylistically individualistic as much as it is about fitting in and being equal. I've seen the same street-chic trends wore by every Tomo, Mizuno and Izumi here (see: Tom Dick and Harry).

For example, when a fad is big here... everybody wears it. Take the black tights and jean shorts aka 'jorts' combination:

The temperature Low most days is 35-40 degrees, but these ladies will sacrifice their gams for a solid fashion statement. My sneaky-sneaky photo also displays two more trends - puffy coats with fur collars and tall leather boots. Everyone's got 'em.

Here's another for ya, the thigh-high socks and tall boots ensemble:

Again, the cold outdoor temperature has no effect on this trend. Before I came to Japan, yours truly sported this look in Texas. But I was among the few. Here, it's almost like they sell the stockings and boots as a pair.

Pam wanted to show me the nitty gritty and took me to the famed Harajuku area of Tokyo - a delightful and bustling land where culture, costume and street fashion collide.

I take this picture in every foreign country I visit (I'm the only blonde girl with her arms up).

If you've seen or heard of a 'Harajuku' girl, what images come to mind? This? :

We visited a store in which you can actually buy this kind of clothing, your own fully-loaded Harajuku costume:

It was a treasure trove of bows and ruffles and miniature hats. They wouldn't let me take pictures inside the store, but I snapped this pic of the window display to spite them:

I had to buy something, so I purchased a schoolgirl bowtie and rainbow leopard print stockings. Booyah! Underneath this store was another that sold clothing with the British Union Jack flag printed all over them. I have to share this photo I snapped... can't help myself:


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