The Influence of Orange

I had just found 2 great pieces at H&M Tokyo that I was excited about - a silky photoprint crop top and a long striped skirt. So friend and fellow fashion blogger Chanyn Cheree and I had a photo day, and she snapped a few pics of the outfit. My favorite color to wear is orange, so the Hie shinto shrine was the perfect setting.

I love the buttons up the back of the shirt.

I accessorized with my buttons necklace from long ago, Buddha beads from a temple, and a wooden ring I got from a trade show.

The print on this shirt is great - a silhouetted vista of the African Serengeti

Paired the separates with a tan leather fringed wrap I borrowed from Pam's closet.


Elephants & Clothes

If I were a model, THIS is the shoot I would want to be the star of. I love elephants, and this editorial from a recent issue of Pop has oodles of them! The shoot takes place in rural Thailand, and featured hot model Samantha Gradoville gets to frolic around with the elephants (from mamas to babies) wearing gorgeous garments. What's not to love?!

Great colors and energy. I needed to share these images...

 Cute little fella! And what a rad skirt.

 Wearing a Versace fringed print top from the collection I covered recently.

You may soon see one of these images blown up and framed on my bathroom wall, friends. Believe you me. I hope that all of my Jellys had an awesome weekend!


Kyoto | A Garden So Sweet

After reviewing my Japan photo album thus far, I realized that I forgot to post on another of our Kyoto adventures! Silly Lizz. It's the last of the Kyoto trip photos I will post - I promise. I thought that some of the images were so beautiful, I could not neglect them.

The last Shinto shrine we visited in Kyoto is known for its meticulously landscaped gardens and is named the Heian Jingu Shrine. If it was lovely in the winter, I can only imagine what it looks like in the spring with all the drooping cherry blossom trees!

Fact warning: the Heian Jingu was built to commemorate many momentous events including the 2,600th anniversary of the founding of the nation of Japan. Booyah.

 Aaaaaaand STICK IT

 Tree in a box?

 Super old train car

Treehugger :)

We sat under this red umbrella and drank lemon Ceylon tea while Hiromi told us about the rituals of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Teehee Shaun...

Let's zoom in on that one, shall we?...

Then finally, what must have been the epicenter of peace and tranquility...

 Koi fish doing their best Yin & Yang impression

And that's all folks!


Daikanyama: the SoHo of Tokyo

Daikanyama... one of many Japanese words at which I stared for several seconds, then pronounced syllable by syllable like a slow Kindergardener. Turns out, Daikanyama is an area of Tokyo that's been likened to SoHo and one which many a local told me was a must-see for a fashion girl.

The locals were right (as usual). Daikanyama was indeed as adorably SoHo-ish as it was a fashion feast. I don't mean that there were big brands and overly expensive boutiques everywhere; this place catered to the vintage store lover and the unique clotheshorse who wants to wear pieces that nobody else has... aka ME. I have admittedly become a bit picky in my shopping tastes, but this place was right up my alley.

NOTE: to my fellow Tokyoans (or as Aunt B calls them, 'Tokos') Daikanyama is between Ebisu and crazy Shibuya. Go on a sunny day.

The first treasure chest we popped into was Smith's Artique. They sold items like vintage Hermes bangles and scarves, vintage Chanel purses, old Louis Vuitton luggage trunks, vintage barely-worn Jimmy Choos (geez, say vintage more). Didn't purchase anything but tried on everything of course...

We stopped at another antiques and candles store called Concierge.

Fantastic store, however one particular display kind of threw me off...

I would have posted this as a GOOD ENGRISH installment, but it's not really Engrish. It's just weird. Perhaps it used to say Brass Springs?

What did I find at Daikanyama?

A ginormous metal flower

Amazing furniture

A company called JELLYFISH on the 7th floor of a building. Yay!

Delightful boutique aesthetics, i.e. this neat blue door

Found a new favorite restaurant that DOES in fact serve Dos Equis lager beer. My friends know what a discovery this is for someone (ahem, me) whose beer-of-choice in the states is The XX.
The restaurant was in fact Mexican - La Hacienda Del Cielo - but it had a rooftop deck to die for and a sweet ceiling fixture that looked like giant snakeskin....

I also found a pink gnome in one store. He was hiding under a rack of clothes. Don't think for a second that I didn't consider a gnome heist, but the clerk watched Pam and I like a hawk; there was no way we were sneaking that sucker out. 

What did I buy at Daikanyama? I'll post pics in a separate post, but I can tell you that both items (a silk hooded jacket and some leather sided shades) were under 3000 yen ~ about 30 bucks. And I want to wear them every day.

Daikanyama - funny name, serious shopping.


Versace Me Likey

I began taking a look at the Versace Spring/Summer 2011 Collection with admittedly lowered expectations - not that the brand doesn't do great things; the collections just generally are not my style. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the S/S line.

I like the combination of Versace's structured silhouettes and bold colors, plus anything in black usually tickles my fancy. If you can get past all the pouty, shirtless male models (which does seem to contrast well and pop with the collection), I think you'll really like the clothes.

Campaign by Mario Testino, featuring model Abbey Lee Kershaw...

Glitter pants, eh? Would Brad Pitt wear these pants? My guess is yes.

Cutouts and an integrated print? Yes please!