Chocolate & More Chocolate

Pam and I went on an adventure one afternoon and found ourselves in the Shinjuku neck of the Tokyo woods. Turns out, there was a chocolate extravaganza taking place on the top floor of this ritzy shopping building, so naturally we decided to sniff it out. Now, I am not a sweets person by any means, but when you walk into a room that smells wholely of chocolate, you inevitably start to salivate. Apparently this chocolate fest was a big deal; they invited dozens of chocolatiers and choco-chefs from all over the world to partake in the showcase.

One Swiss fellow in particular Pam and I got to chatting with. Choco Phil he called himself...

He made it very clear that he was not a 'chef' but an artist. He sculpted and created the koi fish behind us made entirely of chocolate.

What a delicious work of art! Here are a couple more of this pieces...

Gorgeous lotus blossom, all chocolate.

A chocolate Japanese fan that the artist hand-painted with colored liquid chocolate.

Looks familiar, no? ...

(The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Japanese artist Hokusai, 1830s)

A few other chocolate works at the event...

 "Salon du Chocolat 2011 Japon"

Of course at every chocolate salon there should be a chocolate cafe...

Choco-stache! Twas the richest hot chocolate I've ever had.

Then we finished the day with yet another amazing sunset...

Can't even believe this picture!


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  2. Beautiful images!!! The chocolate figurines look so delicious!

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. beautiful!! all that chocolate!! wow!!



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