Golden Fingernail, Apache Love & A Japanese Gameshow

My Tokyo Apache are just doing so well [ knock on wood ] - the administration, the players, the staff, the fans, everyone! Going to homegames has become such wonderful experience and something that I really, really look forward to. It is an absolute joy to watch my future father-in-law coach another pro team and especially to watch my soon-to-be husband coach at his side. If you've seen Katy Perry's Firework music video, you'll understand what I mean when I say that I see sparks shooting out of Casey Fiance's chest when he screams plays at his players from the bench. I love it.

Here is my outfit from last night's game against the Akita Happinets...

Wore my new black Katy May Keira top which I received as a gift from the future mom and dad-in-law. Paired with my also new H&M Tokyo striped skirt and Gianni Bini studded flats.

Decided to take my new brushed brass necklace out for a spin too. I found said necklace in an alley boutique off Omote-sando, a boutique called Hands of the World with lots of handmade jewelry. Couldn't pass it up. Casey says it looks like a gold fingernail, I think it looks queenly.

Some Apache pics from the recent Kyoto game...

 A time-out huddle

Their beautiful trainer Saito-san, Coach, Casey and their kickass assistant coach translator Geoff.

 Our little ninja Cohey Aoki shooting a freethrow



Walking around Tokyo, you stumble across some interesting things. We saw what we thought was an art instillation piece that doubled as a place to sit for visitors of the building that housed it...

There's a fabulous store here called FrancFranc. Their ceiling is decorated with hanging steel lamps...

A stroll by a high-end boutique window warranted a second look with this fun outfit...

Diggin' the blousy knickers.

Casey and I walked by a studio building in Shibuya one night. Upon closer inspection, we could see that a Japanese gameshow of sorts was being filmed...

No idea what the gameshow was or was about, but I do know that all of the people on the stage were beating the poorly dressed man in the center with foam paddles.

Ah, Tokyo... how you mystify me!

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  1. It feels good when someone share his/her journey or trip .Tokyo is a pleasant place to visit and watching the game live is something really fabulous.


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