Kyoto | A Garden So Sweet

After reviewing my Japan photo album thus far, I realized that I forgot to post on another of our Kyoto adventures! Silly Lizz. It's the last of the Kyoto trip photos I will post - I promise. I thought that some of the images were so beautiful, I could not neglect them.

The last Shinto shrine we visited in Kyoto is known for its meticulously landscaped gardens and is named the Heian Jingu Shrine. If it was lovely in the winter, I can only imagine what it looks like in the spring with all the drooping cherry blossom trees!

Fact warning: the Heian Jingu was built to commemorate many momentous events including the 2,600th anniversary of the founding of the nation of Japan. Booyah.

 Aaaaaaand STICK IT

 Tree in a box?

 Super old train car

Treehugger :)

We sat under this red umbrella and drank lemon Ceylon tea while Hiromi told us about the rituals of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Teehee Shaun...

Let's zoom in on that one, shall we?...

Then finally, what must have been the epicenter of peace and tranquility...

 Koi fish doing their best Yin & Yang impression

And that's all folks!


  1. Anonymous2/27/2011

    First of all let me say AMAZING photos. I am living through them. You are beaming with happiness and it looks good on you. - Jenn Pompa.... Again it wants to make me hairtalk

  2. Anonymous2/27/2011

    And the arrows that point " this way" and " this way" define my life :) love love love it !! - jenn pompa


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