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Another of our adventures in Kyoto was to a spot more popular but definitely as majestic and beautiful - a temple called the Rokuon-Ji or the Kinkaku-ji Temple. It's well-known for it's Golden Pavillion. The sacred spot was built in the 1200s for petes sake! Holy antique.

Like everything else in Kyoto, the surrounding buildings and landscape are just as important and lovely as the temple itself...

This is the belfry where you pay 200yen to ring this giant bell for world peace. Of course we rang it...

I rang it good.

Pam rang it.

Geoff rang it.

Here's Casey Fiance ringin' it.

Even Apache GM Conor rang it.
I think we can safely assume we've ended world hunger and world peace is running rampant.

 There are some great gargoyles on these temples.

And now, the main event...

Just like a Japanese postcard isn't it? The top 2 floors of the pavillion are covered with real gold leaf.

Kinkakuji Kiss!

El grupo. Thank God for the Lawsons - they taught us so much on this day.

I know it's uncomfortable to look at, but this is our picture face.

These were the priests' living quarters. One priest started pruning this now enormous bonzai-cut pine a long long long long time ago with the plan that it would one day resemble a ship at sea. Hundreds of years later...BAM! Done.

Throw your coins in the bowl for good luck. Oh hells yeah I made it.

We never figured out what this stone throne was for...

When you leave the temple, they give you green tea with gold flakes in it!

Gettin' ballsy there, Mr Pigeon...

Another awesome temple in awesome Kyoto.

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