Kyoto | Kiyomizu-whaat?

Another temple? No way! Much like snowflakes, each shrine and temple is different from the next. The basic layout of and practices within holy places like these may be similar, but there are details of each that deserve attention and respect. Before I came to Japan, I would have assumed 'a temple is a temple is a temple'. Not always the case, my brutha.

I must share the experience and photos from our visit in Kyoto to the famous Kyomizu-dera Buddhist Temple...

The Temple was originally founded in the 8th century and rebuilt in the 1600s. Yowza!

NOTE: By the way, all the little factoids and such come from the pamphlets I take from these places - I certainly did not retain all this information. I was too overwhelmed by temple majesty! And history was never a strong suit of mine...
There I am at the top, calling attention to myself again.

 No biggie - just the most awesome backdrop for a temple ever.

Must wash hands first to purify our foreign selves.

In the back of the Hondo main sanctuary is this famous 'stage' area made only of wood. Hiromi told me that the Japanese have a saying here about that: they say that doing something impulsive or exhilarating or for an adrenaline rush is "like jumping off the Kiyomizu-dera stage".

Pam and I interpreted it differently...

Those are the water falls for which the temple owes its name. Kiyomizu-dera means "pure water". Visitors come to drink from the falls for everlasting health because the waters here have been constantly streaming for thousands of years. Oh you know we drank some...

And now for another installment of STUFF YOU WONT SEE IN AMERICA:

Geisha on her cellphone

Not really a working geisha, but a model dressed up with painted face and kimono nevertheless.

Pagoda Jump!

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