Oh Good, People Still Use Calendars

I came across images from Indian photographer Jatin Kampani's project, a calendar titled The World to Come. The calendar is very fashion-oriented and quite editorial, but I also love the blending of architecture and art in the project. I thought you'd find it visually stimulating too, so here are some images from the calendar. Enjoy!

I would like to quickly boast that I own these pink heels...

It's a great mix of futuristic and fantasy. Dig it!

Kampani does great work, very amped-up editorial projects.
Check out his portfolio. It will not disappoint.


  1. What a beautiful calender it is. The choice of images is fabulous. Who would not want such a perfect calender on their wall, it is an art piece in itself.

  2. I hope it will get to read some good story in this novel. Thank you for sharing net worth


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