Last Days in Tokyo + A Santa Hotel?

These photos were among the last on my photo card before we were evacuated from Japan. I wanted to share some of the better ones. It's a random assortment, but they make me smile...

The adorable mascots of Casey Fiance's Tokyo team. Best mascots ever!
And check out my kimono! I'm obsessed. It's vintage and I can't wait to do a shoot with it.

 At the St. Patty's game, we got to meet a fantastic Irish band called Johnson's Motorcar. They were the halftime show and were such great energy. Check them out on iTunes!

 Irish frolic circle!

 The little sweetheart I nicknamed "Baby Starfish". She's one of the players' babies.

My girl Mai on the sidelines - best blogger in Tokyo!  I'll miss you little one. Congrats on your Vogue Japan project!

 After the big earthquake, we spent a lot of time outdoors... in open areas.

Like the Prince's Palace...

We also stumbled upon a really great garden...

 Gotta love bamboo

 Hey koi fish! They were friendly.

The night before we flew out, we said a hurried goodbye to a few of our Tokyo Apache peeps - players, significant others, staff, etc. It's crazy how close you can get to people in just a few short months. I will never forget the amazing courtesy and hospitality of the people in Japan and the sweet souls I met along the way.

And finally for your last installment of STUFF YOU WONT SEE IN AMERICA:

A Santa Claus-themed hotel

No, we didn't stay there. Yes, I did walk across the street from our hotel to take pictures.
If small Japanese people in elf costumes aren't serving you hot cocoa when you walk in the door and they don't put candycanes on your pillow in the morning, that whole operation would be a huge let-down for me.

Tokyo - I'll never forget you!


Me Likey : Versace Does Texture

Versace is just doing all kinds of good by me lately, and I was never so inspired by the brand before. Just take a look at these elegant pieces from Atelier Versace's Spring 2011 lookbook. If you can get past the rather Dorothy Hamill-ish haircut they styled model Abbey Lee Kershaw with (I loathe it and I don't know why!), the colors and fabrics and details are beyond wonderful....

But wait - there's more!

The fabric on this one is a little 'prom', but I dig the silhouette.

Holy texture...

So I need a concensus, folks : Am I just wacky from the radiation, or do we really like this collection?


One Sakura Tree

Just because I'm back from Japan doesn't mean I can't keep showing you guys the great photos I took whilst living there. And in case you're wondering, YES - I'm finally back to normal on my sleep schedule!

These were photos I snapped while JaPam and I were adventuring down another street in our favorite Daikanyama area of Tokyo...

 When my friend Katie May came back in town, we went for gelato at EATaly. Yummm!

Cool building!

I really wanted to purchase this old string-less banjo. Not for sale.

So random... I dont even know why this totem pole was there. I love them though.

 Neat house.

Then we happened upon a perfectly unique interior design and furniture store...

We met this guy - Mr. Japanese Jackalope:

 Shoes and feathers!

 And an exquisite assortment of table decor - bugs and fossils.

Walking along, walking along... I look left in a park and see a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree aka Sakura! Since arriving in Tokyo, I had heard tales of how gorgeous and fragrant the Sakura are in springtime. Unfortunately, we had to evacuate before the big cherry blossom festivals; but at least I got to see this guy...

Just lovely.


Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

I am UBER sorry that I haven't blogged since the Great Quake of 2011 (as it may come to be known, by me). For us in Tokyo, there were incessant aftershocks, radiation scares, and then our hasty evacuation. Casey Fiance, the fam and I were luckily able to hop on an emergency flight out, back into AmURica. We were truly the lucky ones, and my heart breaks for those in Sendai.

Japan Friends - I am sorry that I was not able to hug you all goodbye and tell you how much you meant to me in this unique experience.
Jellies - please continue to send love and light to the survivors and families of the tsunami victims in Japan.

I am proud of and humbled by how generously the Tokyo Apache & EVO organizations were able to give to the relief efforts. You can donate through the American Red Cross.


Now for something fashionable... When I came across the images from Koton's Spring 2011 mainline, it got me psyched for a warm spring and summer.

As I look at these images, I play the Summer Breeze Remix by Seals & Croft in my head (you're going to want to iTunes that song; it's a solid summer throwback tune). The campaign features models Dioni Tabbers - a stunning blonde- and Luke Nel, as shot by photographer Koray Birand and styled by Hafize Celikturk.

 Is it too early to wear my white straw fedora?

 Sweet racing stripe pants

Ahhhhh retro.

I like the Koton brand (based out of Turkey) because they really analyze what the customer wants and seeks out, as opposed to simply deciding what they think their customer should wear. It's a refreshing concept, no less. Hope you enjoyed the images!