Art in Tokyo : The Created & The Natural

So I got my animal fix at the Aquarium, but I still had a craving for art. Not too far from our apartment is the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, and I've never been one to pass up a good art museum. In addition to modern Japanese art, the museum also housed a few Western art pieces. Even better, we saw many national treasures such as hundreds-of-years-old painted screens.

Buuuut... unfortunately, we were only allowed to take pictures of a few pieces on the first floor. Those museum folks sure are strict about photography! Wanna see the pics I was able to snap?...

Multi-pane screenprint

Life-size fiberglass sculpture, which at first I thought was a real person

A sweet oil painting - looked like dragon skin

Indoor/outdoor sculpture

Large wooden hand-carved sculpture

And then there were 3 more awesome floors of paintings and sculptures and such; but I got the "Just try it, blondie" eyebrow raise from the museum folk every time I'd go to lift my camera. Here's my question: how are some works of art 'more photographable' than others, huh? Who decides?

But even the trees in Japan are works of art in themselves...

And of course, I can't resist the opportunity to post more pics of the gorgeous sunsets I snapped from our building...

I would love to see what kind of peyote-fueled work Bob Ross the Afro'd Wonder Painter could create with this inspiration. "Happy trees!"


  1. Amazing post! Creativity is the future. ;-)

  2. Amazing and inspiring post. Thank you for adding me on IFB. xoxo


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