Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

The day after Casey Fiance got home from an away game trip, cabin fever had unfortunately set in for me. So I forced him out on a Tokyo adventure with me. Destination: the Shinagawa Aquarium

Three train lines, a long slushy walk in the rain, and 1300 yen later... we were in! Definitely worth it. And look what Lizzy found...

JELLIES!! They seemed happy to see me.

 More photos from the Aquarium...

I had never seen a black Jelly before

Hello Mr Octopus!

Sidenote:  Listen to Octopus I Love You - a song by Dalmatian Rex & the Eigentones. You'll like it.

A giant sea turtle and a spotted ray floating above us while we walked through the tube tank. Cool stuff.

The chick in scuba gear was teaching everyone (presumably) about the sharks and rays in the tank, but there's no way to know for sure because it was all in Japanese.

Electric Eel!


"Fish are friends... not food"

Then we happened upon the Dolphin show...

Waiting for a treat

Then finally... the Penquins!

For some reason, they were all very concerned with the one penquin in time-out at the top of the rock. Or we decided they were playing a rather black and white game of Categories. 

So, I got my reguarly scheduled dose of animal fun. Twas a good day!


  1. I LOVE it, so beautiful all those creatures are. Except the Octopus, I am deathly afraid of them, I got the shivers just looking at your pic.

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