One Sakura Tree

Just because I'm back from Japan doesn't mean I can't keep showing you guys the great photos I took whilst living there. And in case you're wondering, YES - I'm finally back to normal on my sleep schedule!

These were photos I snapped while JaPam and I were adventuring down another street in our favorite Daikanyama area of Tokyo...

 When my friend Katie May came back in town, we went for gelato at EATaly. Yummm!

Cool building!

I really wanted to purchase this old string-less banjo. Not for sale.

So random... I dont even know why this totem pole was there. I love them though.

 Neat house.

Then we happened upon a perfectly unique interior design and furniture store...

We met this guy - Mr. Japanese Jackalope:

 Shoes and feathers!

 And an exquisite assortment of table decor - bugs and fossils.

Walking along, walking along... I look left in a park and see a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree aka Sakura! Since arriving in Tokyo, I had heard tales of how gorgeous and fragrant the Sakura are in springtime. Unfortunately, we had to evacuate before the big cherry blossom festivals; but at least I got to see this guy...

Just lovely.

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