Survived an 8.9... I mean 9.0

Just an update for all my Jelly Blog followers on our current status:

My fiance, future in-laws and I were in Tokyo when the big 8.9 earthquake hit us yesterday, but we are okay... shaken up definitely and we're constantly awaiting aftershocks, but we are alright.

To date, I can honestly say the quake is the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. My family and I were on the 27th floor of our building when it happened. We could barely stand up as our building swayed side to side like a tree in the wind. We eventually found the emergency stairs, walked as fast as possible down to the ground floor, then went next door to the Hie shrine which we heard was safe, waiting out the big aftershock.

Then at 4am this morning, we had another earthquake which we heard had originated near Nagano. Since then, we've had little rumbles and baby aftershocks, but we're told to just wait it out.

The comforting thing is looking around the city and seeing no damage. THANK GOD for genius Japanese engineering and their foresight, building the highrises to withstand earthquakes. After talking to a few English speakers who have lived in Tokyo for years, we learned that the buildings are built on ball bearings or pistons at the bottom with a counter weight at the top. So the structure moves with the shaking, as it is designed to do. Still... scary as all hell.

I have to commend the Japanese here in Tokyo for remaining so calm amidst what could have been chaos. People got to safe places, didn't cry or panic, just did what they were taught to do. Perfectly executed.

However, please send your happy thoughts and prayers to the people and survivors of Sendai where the tsunami hit (it's about 360 kilometers away from Tokyo) as well as the folks in Fukushima. Sending love to the victims in Oregon and Northern Cali. Please also pray that Tokyo stays on Mother Nature's good side too. We are lucky lucky lucky and I keep saying Thank You over and over in my head to Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh, and others.

Until the next update... I love you all. Know that we are okay.



  1. Love you Lizz - keep me updated.

  2. Glad to know everything is OK, it must have been a very scary situation. I hope everyone will do their best to help Japan, even if just donating a dollar or two.

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